Introducing Meter Bikes

Hi there! Say hello to Meter Bikes, a company from Gothenburg, birthed …right … now!

Creating yet another bike in a crowded market might seem crazy. Is another bicycle really what the world need right now? Our answer is simply yes. Be free and flexible, stay in good health and enjoy the company of the kindest community of all.

Our team of three has been part of the bicycle industri for over 20 years. As professional road racing cyclist. As bike designers. As employers of skilled craftsmen and women building bikes. As promoter of cycling in Sweden. Simply put – we love bicycles and all the good stuff that comes with it. Now we are building Meter with the sole intention to reflect just that.

Meter is carefully crafted in a small, limited edition to provide a unique experience. Our goal is not to take on the world, we prefer to stay close to you. For as long as you choose, we will be right by your side to assist you, encourage you and celebrate all your achievements. Being free from ties to investors or annual demands, our only consideration is towards you.

This spring marks the start of Meter. Our first model is to be released autumn 2019. In this blog, you can join the journey towards the very first Meter bike.

We would love to hear your wise thoughts and input, so feel free to leave a comment below.


Rickard, Linus and Charlotte

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