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Rickard Ölander och Linus Lindgren

  This is us! Rickard and Linus.

If you love bikes, you’re in for a treat.

We have been part of the bicycle industry for over 20 years. As professional road racing cyclist. As bike designers. As employers of skilled craftsmen building bikes. As promoter of cycling in Sweden. Simply put – we love bicycles and all the good stuff that comes with it.

Now we are building our bicycle workshop with the sole intention to reflect just that. Autumn 2018 we decided to leave all big business behind and start again from scratch. Spring 2019 marked the birth of Meter Bikes.

Our bikes are carefully crafted in small, limited editions to provide you with a unique experience. Our goal is not to take over the world, we prefer to stay close to you. For as long as you choose, we will be right by your side to assist you, encourage you and celebrate your every achievement. Being free from ties to investors or annual demands, our only consideration is towards you.

Our first modell Meter NITE was awarded ”Gear of the year” 2020. Check out our Collection to see what we are currently building.

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